August 23, 2019

How much does SEO cost?

Asking how much optimization costs is like asking how much a car costs ;-). In both cases, the answer is the same: it depends. On what? First of all, the industry in which we operate, what we need it for and what goals we want to achieve. In this article, I will focus on the most important factors that affect the costs associated with SEO.


The industry in which we operate also determines the competition that we must face. Do we have a lot of competitors? Do competitors have large budgets? Do they carry out active promotional activities? The price of SEO services will depend on all this. There are industries where competition is very numerous, but without large budgets, for example, companies offering wedding photos. The situation is different in the credit industry - where the competition is not only numerous but also large because we often compete with large financial institutions with huge budgets, including budgets for television advertising. There are also small companies in the form of individual credit advisors, experts or larger multi agencies that offer assistance in obtaining loans. It is, therefore, a very difficult industry. This does not mean, of course, that we can't compete in it. However, we might need to think carefully about the strategy and what to do so that, despite everything, our organic activities will bring the expected results. Above all, however, we should be aware that the budget we would have to spend on SEO must be correspondingly larger, and the results can still be uncertain.


Another important factor on which the price of SEO services depends is the range of our activities, and thus also the range of promotion. Do we operate locally in a smaller town or do we provide services throughout the country? Or maybe we dream of foreign markets? The larger scale we take, the larger the SEO budget we should assume. The price of optimization in one medium-sized city will be correspondingly lower than the price of optimization in the largest Polish cities, not to mention the costs associated with global SEO.

Distribution of tasks

The SEO price is also largely influenced by who implements the individual elements of the strategy. For example, do we create content ourselves, do we employ a copywriter in the company, do we outsource it, or do we want everything to be dealt with by an SEO agency? The same applies to the implementation of optimization on our website. We need to know if we want the agency to handle such optimizations, which should be standard for basic activities, or whether the website requires some major changes, such as optimization of the website's performance and speed, which would require changes to the code, in which case we need to hire an IT expert. All of this will affect the price of optimization.

Keywords difficulty level

The degree of difficulty of keywords is related to the competition we have in our industry. If we have a local company with a limited budget, the best option for us would be to choose long tail or local phrases, i.e. phrases that are niche and very specific. This solution is cheaper, and also it brings faster results. Unfortunately, from my experience, it is not possible to promote a company with the phrase "mortgage" or "mortgage Warsaw" with a small budget. These phrases are difficult and very crowded, and it is difficult to achieve good results at low cost.

Price range

The cost of effective optimization starts around 1000 PLN per month. Everything, of course, depends on the industry and which elements we want to outsource to experts or do ourselves. However, expecting good results at a low price - around several hundred zlotys per month - is unrealistic. Of course, there are companies on the market that offer their services in this price range, but before we start cooperating with them we should think about whether the quality of these services will be sufficient. Some industries require budgets of several thousand zlotys and more. If we do not operate in such a demanding industry, but still operate all over the country, we must be prepared for the fact that the price of effective SEO services will not be less than 1000 PLN per month.